Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Back Blogging Better Now 

I’ve been pretty sparse in blogging lately.  But for a good reason…my son and daughter-in-law are now parents of twin boys!   Since my son is currently deployed with the US Army in South Korea, Susan moved in with us and so Gretchen and I have been pretty involved in the latter stages of the pregnancy and the boys’ arrival on February 13.  

Yeah, it makes me a grandfather.  Still don’t have my mind fully around that.  But the boys are healthy, as is Susan, David got some special leave and has been here for a couple of weeks and we all have a profound sense of gratitude.   

Not to say that observations about Lean haven’t been coming…I have a full list to write about.  That will be forthcoming, so stay tuned.   

And don’t call me “Grandpa” yet…please.  Just ask me how the twins are doing.

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