Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Talk About "Value"!

We've talked about the beginning of all Lean transformations: Value. Defining value from the customer's perspective. What he/she wants. How he/she wants it. When. In what manner.

And this afternoon, I happened on a fabulous example of "value". The search engine Google now offers a way to get email updates on news of interest at Google News. While this is not a new development in itself, it did impress me with how easy it was to set up. No complex registrations. No sense that I was giving away my privacy. Rather, I just typed in the search term of interest and my email address. That's it. They confirmed the address with me. And, boom, I was in.

They made it so easy, so frictionless, that it was a simple decision. I wonder why more customer contact can't be that smooth. I wonder how I do that for our customers. Try it and see.

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