Monday, June 16, 2003

Keep your head up

My youngest son, Matt, age 15, has a great summer job. Along with his friend, Seth, he is the groundskeeper, scoreboard operator and announcer at our local Little League baseball field. At $9 per game, I’ve pointed out to him he’s already making a lot more money at baseball than I ever did.

A couple weeks ago, Matt noted that when Seth put down the first base line with the chalk machine that it was a lot straighter than when he did it. When Matt asked about this, Seth, a soft-spoken and wise kid, shrugged his shoulders and simply commented “I don’t watch the ground in front of the machine; I look at the right-field foul pole.”

Wow. Keep your eyes on the goal, not only on what is around you. It keeps the lines straight.

I hope this is helpful...and may all your baselines be wiggle-free

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