Thursday, January 30, 2003

Visual Tools are easy to Learn

One of the appeals to me of visual tools is how easy they are to learn. A case in point.

We recently added two new inside sales representatives. Sharp guys in new roles. Their manager asked me to work with them to come up with some method of a local scoreboard to help them assess their progress, daily.

Using the model we found useful in other workgroups here at FBi, we simply started up and tried something in mid-January. Although it was new to both guys, within a couple of days they had the knack of keeping simple, crucial, daily data. Now, two weeks later, they are both all over it and making very sound assessments on how they are doing. Perhaps not coincidentally, they are hitting crucial goals as well.

Boom. Two weeks. Clear data. Linking annual goals to daily activities. It is phenomenal. hope...tomorrow, I'll try to set up links to some of these tools and let you see them. My technical expertise significantly lags my ability to simply type :)

I hope this is helpful.

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