Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Why Does Change Feel Funny?

Even something simple, like making a non-vague request, feels weird. "I don't like how it feels to ask someone to do a very specific task by a very specific time" I tell myself silently when I try the technique I mentioned yesterday.

There is a good reason why is feels funny. We are shifting our balance. We are using "muscles" we haven't used before. As such, we are clumsy, uncertain. The muscle get sore. Bottom feels funny.

This is where a broader vision comes in. "I know I can be more effective by making clearer requests. So, I will learn to do that. And I will learn by practicing." Without the vision, the "soreness" will get the better of us.

So, have a vision of clear requests. We will never rid our companies of waste without a regular practice of clear requests.

Review the post from yesterday and try to make two clear requests in the next two hours. Then email me about it and we'll learn from it together. I'll post, without your name, the results tomorrow.

I hope this is helpful.

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