Friday, October 26, 2012

Creating Interest

Flow is a lot more interesting than batch.

This occured to me in recent conversations with one of our team leaders who schedules work for her area.  A series of well-intended but misdirected steps had created a batch process in her area.  She couldn't figure out how to fix it but we managed to reverse the errors well enough and regain flow.  Two weeks later, she couldn't be more pleased.

"We are getting more done each day," she beamed.  Why? I asked.  "Well, there is more variety.  We work on several different products each day and that stops boredom.  Plus, by doing that we use different materials and are less likely to run out of our supplies." 

There is all the theory of why flow trumps batch, why synchronizing production to sales works, why pull is better than push, why reacting promptly is better than predicting accurately.

Yet, when you get down to the core, it's also just a lot more interesting. 

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be lean said...

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David Bueford said...

Until managing queues and capacity becomes a serious part of Kaizen and lean events most companies will just create excess inventory more efficiently.

brandonscott007 said...

I have been guilty of second guessing ideas in the past. I am not sure why, I am sure that readers would enjoy them! Unfortunately I cannot remember now what those ideas were or else I would post them now. From now on I plan to change my “no this is silly” or “ah nobody will want to read that” into “I’m going to blog about this!” If you have been interested just check over here.

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