Monday, October 08, 2012

The Curse of Sophistication

As long as I've worked at implementing a Lean strategy, I continue to find it amazing how a description of it seems to fall flat on others' ears.  A common reaction is "Well, it's just common sense."

Which is truly a comment which dismisses it as a viable strategy.

Lean works when folks accept the fact that "simple" works.  That replacing what you sold is an effective inventory strategy.  That a promptly-recorded, hand-written metric is an effective visual indicator.  That a manager walking down the hall to see a situation for herself beats the daylights out of a screen-full of four decimal pointed figures.

Our access to technology and obsession with sophistication blinds us to simple processes.   Simple processes are, less and less, "common sense".

And it is that simplicity which is truly Lean.

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Robert Drescher said...

Hi Joe

Complexity aka BS Baffles Brains (BS stands for what comes out the backend of a bull) has been around and become so accepted that it maybe time we stop referring to things we should all know as common sense, and instead start calling it uncommon sense, as it is getting rather rare.

Greater short comment on a common problem.

Chet Frame said...

When it comes to simplicity I think of the Shakers and their furniture. It is simple and beautiful and very expensive today. Zen gardens the same. Lean is simple and beautiful and cheaper than the alternatives.
Keep Learning!

Robert Welain said...

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