Monday, November 14, 2005

But it oughtta work!!

But it oughtta work!!


David Allen wrote yesterday about simplicity.  The key sentence that struck me:


            Lots of great ideas work in your head, but in your hands they die a sure death.


Yeah, that can sure be me.


And the solution is clear and very consistent in a Lean, learning environment.  Try it.  Now.  In a small way.  Don't bet the farm; just try it in a small corner of the farm.  Now. 


I overheard a conversation in an airport recently as one businessman described a seminar he had just attended.  "Yeah, it was pretty good, I got some great ideas.  I'm going to build them into my schedule in the new year." 


He'll never do it.   


If an idea is going to work, get it working now by trying it.  If an idea is not going to work, find out now by trying it and then flush it from cluttering your brain.  Kind of a 5S exercise for mental clutter.


I hope this is helpful. 



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