Sunday, April 24, 2005

Performance Counts

Performance Counts

During the usual intellectual expansion of a relaxing read of the Sunday paper this morning, I read this.

Alas, Charlie Brown continues to hope to have a winning baseball team. Lucy falls asleep, missing a fly ball. When confronted with her mistake, she shifts the discussion, to Charlie Brown's failure to remove his cap when speaking to a girl. Charles Shultz had a knack for getting to the heart of an issue in a most funny way.

Performance counts. We have to get our job done. As Lean leaders, we have to know what we are supposed to get done. And what those working with us must do.

Do we describe this kindly? Yes. Do we speak politely? Of course.

Do we explain and expect performance? Absolutely. Will others attempt to distract us from true performance? Yep.

And performance matters. Some want to perform. Others want to distract. Know the difference.

I hope you perform well today and find this helpful.

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