Friday, November 12, 2004

What Hal Says

What Hal Says


My friend Hal Macomber has emerged from a self-imposed quiet stretch and blogs  today on getting ideas from the team.


Hal's experience on this topic is similar to mine.  Ideas are out there for the having.  But it takes leadership to gather them and implement them.  And, even more, it takes a long-term effort to keep them coming, to the level that they become a strategic advantage. 


And this "sticktoitiveness" seems to be so difficult.  Another guru speaks, daily.  Another demand lurks, hourly.  Another distracting email arrives, each minute. 


Thus we need an overarching paradigm to make sense of it all and slice through the clutter.  Which is what I find a Lean view of business so helpful.


I hope this is helpful.  And not a distraction.


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